Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the con run?

The con programming starts first thing Friday morning and runs until Monday afternoon.   There are also optional tours and activities on the Thursday preceding and the Tuesday following. As a result we strongly recommend that people reserve their hotel rooms from Thursday night until at least Monday.


What sort of costumes should I wear? Are anime, video-game or larp costumes okay? Everything goes at Costume-Con!  There are no rules about the origin of your costume! The sky’s the limit!


Can I wear hall costumes?

Of course! Please do! We all love costumes, we love seeing them and sharing them with one another. And, not everybody is interested in competing, so feel free to just enjoy yourself in a costume the whole weekend without having to get up on stage. In fact, a lot of people wear older costumes or more comfy costumes in the halls and then change to their competition costumes later in the day.

There will also be roving judges handing out hall contest ribbons to costumes they really enjoy. You might win without even trying!


I haven’t been costuming for very long and I’m afraid my costumes aren’t good enough for Costume-Con!

Don’t be! Costume-Con is not some special elite club for experts, it’s for everyone who loves costumes, no matter what skill level.


I feel like I can’t show my face unless I have a lot of new costumes!

Many people who attend Costume-Con visit from all across the continent, so a costume that’s “old” to you will be brand-new to them! It’s a good opportunity to show off your favorite costumes, or break something out of retirement for one more wearing.


Can I wear purchased/commissioned costumes?

When not in competition, yes. Whatever you have, whatever you want! We only ask that purchased and commissioned costumes are not entered in any of the masquerade contests

Do you have to wear costumes to attend the con

Not at all, nobody will require you to be in a costume just to attend the con pour participer au festival.


What competitions and events happen on which days?

Friday through Sunday: Doll Costume Contest

Friday night: Social, and Single Pattern contest.

Saturday night: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade

Sunday morning: Future Fashion Show

Sunday Night: Historical Masquerade


What are the competitions?/

Doll Costume Contest: Make a costume for your doll. For more information, click here.

Single Pattern contest: Contest based on predetermined patterns.  For more information, click here.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Masquerade: Contest where costumes are based on anything and everything and that do no fit the historical category. For more information, click here.

Future Fashion Show: Contest where costumes are made from the Future Fashion Folio. For more information, click here.

Historical Masquerade: Contest where you can enter any historical costume. For more information, click here.


I registered, but now I can’t attend.  What happens to my registration?

We don’t offer refunds, but you can transfer your membership to someone else.  Please contact us for details.  If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ll be able to attend but you really want to, consider purchasing a supporting membership! Supporting members only pay a portion now, and if they’re able to attend CC, can convert that membership into an attending membership by paying the rest later. More details are on the registration page.


What is site selection?

Costume-Con is a traveling convention, which means that every year, someone has to volunteer to host it in a new city. Groups like chapters of the International Costumer’s Guild (ICG) or collectives of costumers with similar interests get together and bid to host CC by putting together a committee and preparing to lay the groundwork for running a convention. Bidding is done at the current year’s Costume-Con for the one to be held three years out – for example, bidding for CC38 was done at CC35. One of the other future-cons will serve as Site Selection Commissioner, to handle the ballots for voting and the fees involved. Yes, there is a fee to vote, but it goes toward membership in that convention, so that when the votes are tallied and the winner is announced, you’ve already got a stake in the con.


Do I need Canadian money?

Many businesses will accept US funds, but not all. And you may not get a good exchange rate.  If you don’t change money before you go, you can do it when you arrive; also, most ATMs will accept your credit and/or debit cards and allow you to withdraw Canadian funds from your US account.  Any card that has a Cirrus or Plus logo will work at Canadian ATMs. However you may not be able to use your US debit card when making purchases at businesses (credit card would be fine).

It’s also good idea to notify your credit card company that you’re leaving the country so your account doesn’t get frozen due to suspicious activity.


Do I need to speak French?

Absolutely not! In fact, almost all businesses in Montreal are able to serve you in English. You can practice your French if you want but you are in no obligation to learn or to know French in order to visit Montreal. After all, we do get a lot of international travellers coming to our city every year. Most, if not all of our staff is bilingual.




Any other questions? Drop us a line at admin@costumecon38.org