Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

To ensure the fun and safety of every member of
Costume‑Con 38, we ask that everyone respect the following
rules. Any question regarding those rules should be addressed to
the staff. Thank you.


The convention badges handed out at the Registration Desk
must be worn and visible at all times to guarantee admission to
con events. Badges remain the property of the convention and
must be returned if membership is revoked.
The members who lose their badge must return to the
Registration desk. Replacements fees may be required. If a
badge is lost, the member’s identity must be verified
If you find a lost badge, please bring it to the registration desk.

Costumes, Weapons and Large Props, Responsibilities of the
Convention and of the Members

To ensure the safety of all convention members, the following
rules will be strictly enforced. All attendees are required to read
and follow these rules if they wish to carry weapons or props
at the con. Failure to do so will result in warnings, leading
up to removal from the convention, and further action where
1- No firearms. The removal of the firing pin does not make it
2- No weapons prohibited by Canadian law, these include (but
are not limited to):
– Balisong (butterfly-knife) or any similar knife.
– Nunchakus, tonfas, shurikens or any martial art weapon
that is illegal in Canada.
– Any weapon used by police forces like sticks, tasers or clubs.
3- No firearms replicas (post-1860).
4- No metal weapons. Those includes but are not limited to
swords, knives and daggers. (Wood or plastic replicas that
imitate metal are allowed).
5- All weapons must be properly sheathed, like in a scabbard or
6- Weapons must not be unsheathed or exposed outside of the
convention (except in a hotel room) or in any busy or public
area except for areas specially designed for photography.
7- Security and peace of mind must be prioritized at all times.
This includes the general public and hotel employees.
8- All weapons must be verified by the Arms Master at the
weapons registration desk. Once approved, the weapons and
the member’s badge will be marked by the Arms Master.
9- All weapons not conforming to the security requirements of
the Arms Master must be clearly (and discreetly) stored away
(in a vehicle or hotel room for example) for the duration
of the event or can be kept by the Arms Master. Please
note that it is your responsibility to come back and get any
weapon kept by the Arms Master. All the weapons left with
the Arms Master after the.closing of the inscription will
belong to the convention.
10- The convention staff reserves the right to inspect weapons
and badges at any time. Any sign of tampering will be sent
to the Arms Master for verification.
11- Any refusal or non-respect of these rules may cause one of
the follwing penalties to be applied:
– Immediate loss of weapons bearing privilege.
– Expulsion with no refund from Costume-Con 38.
– Any act of intense negligence or public danger can bring
criminals lawsuits that are not in the control of Costume-
Con 38. Please remember that the general public do not
necessarily know what is a convention or that there is
currently one happening and could react in an extreme
way if they feel they are in danger.
Please note there are exceptions can be made for rules 3, 4 and
6 for some contests ONLY. If you wish to submit a weapon or
a skit to receive a special permission, consult the Director of the
concerned contest in question before the registration deadline
of said contest.
The decisions of the Weapons Master and of the convention
staff are final and will be strictly applied to ensure a safe
environment for all conventions members.

Legal Issues

Violence, “horseplay”, or disruptive behaviour will not be
tolerated and may result in the loss of convention membership,
removal from convention space and if the problem is serious,
further involvement of law enforcement.
A parent or guardian must accompany children 13 and under at
all times. Parents and guardians are responsible for the wellbeing
and behavior of all children in their care.
Drugs, theft, and vandalism are illegal and will be dealt with
The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18. No alcohol may be
consumed in convention space except that sold by the hotel.
Please note that the law in Quebec forbids drinking outside.
Costume‑Con 38 is a non-smoking convention. Smoking
tobacco or cannabis, or vaping with or without nicotine are
not allowed in the hotel and near the entrances. Please note
that it is forbidden by law to smoke in any building which is
not a private residence, in bus stops shelters, taxis and public
Selling by individuals in any area controlled by the convention
or its venues, is prohibited without the express permission of the

Convention Space

Seating is first-come, first-served. Due to fire regulations, sitting
in aisles and seating beyond the room’s capacity are not allowed;
we are bound by law to enforce this.
Food and drink is not allowed in public spaces and function
rooms except where served by the hotel.
Carrying of signs in convention space will not be allowed
unless the sign is a clearly understood and recognizable part of
a costume (i.e., Genma Panda’s signs) or has special approval
from convention staff.
Signs, flyers, or posters cannot be placed in the hotel except in
approved areas with approved materials. If you post signs in
unauthorized places, you will be held responsible for paying any
cleanup costs imposed by the hotel.
We ask attendees to exercise good judgement about excessive use
of perfumes and body fragrances due to allergies and sensitivities
of their fellow congoers, and may ask anyone wearing very
noticeable scents to leave any space where it is causing an issue.
Service animals are welcome everywhere as required by law.
Pets are not allowed inside the hotel.

Dealers’ Room

Note that Weapons and Props with metal blades may be for sale
in the Dealers Room. These items are only available under strict
guidelines – once sold, they will be provided to the customer in
a sealed box which is not to be opened nor the item displayed in
public spaces. Doing so may result in expulsion with no refund
from Costume‑Con.
Sales are a matter between attendees and the merchants. It is
highly recommended you get a receipt for each transaction.

Costumes on Stage

Flash photography of on stage events is strictly forbidden for
safety reasons. Non-flash photography is only allowed where it
does not obstruct others’ view of the stage.

Programming Events

Photography is allowed, as long as it does not disrupt events
or the flow of traffic and the subject does not object. Please be
considerate and ask first before taking pictures of guests, con
staff, other attendees or the general public.

Harassment policy

Harassment, stalking and/or intimidation are not allowed
at Costume‑Con 38 under any circumstance and may result
in expulsion with no refund from Costume‑Con. Hotel
management and/or police may take further action if they deem
it necessary.
“No.” means “No”, “Go away.” means “Go away now and don’t
come back”. This applies to actions directed at anyone, by anyone.
Members who believe they are being harassed should
immediately make it known in a clear, unmistakable way that
the attention is unwelcome and as quickly as possible approach
any con staff member for help in dealing with the situation.
Intentionally touching anyone without their permission can be
considered assault and may result in police involvement.
Sexual harassment and sexual assault are legal distinctions that
are outside the scope of Costume‑Con 38 to decide and will
be left to the authorities to take appropriate actions. However,
incidents with blatantly sexual speech or acts, or touching of
a more personal nature (ie – areas of the body that would be
covered by jockey shorts or bra & panties) will be treated very
It is not appropriate to touch someone to find out if their body
parts are real without very clear permission. Costume‑Con 38
will treat such incidents with equal severity whether the body
part touched was real or part of a costume.

Costume and Cosplay

All con goers, whether in costume or street clothes must have
opaque fabric covering the areas of the body that would be
covered by jockey shorts or bra & panties.
Nudity is not allowed, opaque bodysuits that simulate nudity are
not allowed if they are too accurate.
Anyone wearing a costume that is too revealing will be asked to
cover up or change and should bring something to cover up for
their own comfort.
Costume elements that may be disturbing or offensive to others
are not allowed in convention space. Anyone wearing such items
may be asked to remove or cover them up.
Members may be asked to remove costume elements such as
chains or handcuffs because of safety concerns for themselves
and others.

PDAs – Public Displays of Affection

Please be considerate of others while you are in convention
space. Simple PDAs like holding hands, hugging, brief kisses
are fine but keep anything more intimate for your hotel room.
Same-sex couples are entitled to express affection the same as
male-female couples without drawing attention, positive or
Pressuring or bribing people to perform PDAs in public spaces,
is harassment and will not be allowed.
Don’t assume you can tell anything about a costumer based on
a revealing costume and how they behave with their friends.
When in doubt, it’s best to politely ask their age before
anything you may regret later happens.

Privacy Policy

Costume‑Con 38 committed to protecting the privacy of
our members, volunteers and staff. Costume‑Con 38 will only
collect, use, and disclose personal information carefully and
subject to consent.
Costume‑Con 38 collects, uses, and discloses personal
information only for the purposes that a reasonable person
would consider appropriate to Costume‑Con 38’s activities.
Personal information (any information that can be used to
distinguish, identify, or contact a specific individual) will be kept
in strict confidence and will only be used for the purposes for
which it was collected.
By attending the Costume‑Con 38 convention, be aware that
you, and any names or logos of your company, group, or other
organization (i.e. team, club, etc.) may appear in photographs
taken by Media, Costume‑Con 38 Staff and those photographs
may be used for marketing or promotions.