Science-Fiction & Fantasy Masquerade

Science-Fiction & Fantasy Masquerade

The Science-Fiction and Fantasy masquerade is the costume contest where any genre is accepted.  Whether it be Anime, gaming, comics, original creations or mash-ups, if you have a costume you want to proudly show off on stage, this masquerade is the one to do it.

When and where:

The Science-Fiction and Fantasy masquerade will be held on Saturday March 14th 2020, at 7PM.  More details will be added soon.

How to enter:

Registration will take place ON PLACE, in two periods: Friday, March 13 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, or until 40 entries are registered; AND Saturday, March 14 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, or until the maximum total of 80 entries is reached.

In order to expedite and facilitate the registration process for these two periods, there is an online preliminary data collection in the form of a Google form that can be found here: .

It is important to note that the preliminary data collection DOES NOT CONSTITUTE REGISTRATION to the Masquerade.  In order to CONFIRM your place at the Masquerade, you will need to submit the Rules Agreement Form provided with the data collection (or on the day of the convention) during the registration periods.

Technical Rehearsals :

During registration, there will be the possibility to make an appointment for a technical rehearsal on the stage.  This period will allow you to discuss your entry with our sound staff, our MC and our ninjas.  Although not mandatory, it is STRONGLY recommended that participants use their practice time.


Entry type:

  1. i) Skit: A short scripted performance of maximum ONE (1) minute. May be performed alone or as part of a group, however larger groups will NOT be given more time. If the skit should run over the time limit, the entry will be disqualified, sound and lighting will be cut and the participant(s) will be escorted off the stage.
  2. ii) Walk-On: The participant walks onto the stage, poses at center stage showing various angles of their costume and character portrayal, and then exits the opposite side of stage. Background music may be played for up to ONE (1) minute and should be supplied by the contestant.

Whether your costume is presented through a skit or a walk-on, your time on the stage may be thought as a ‘commercial ad’ for your costume.

Microphones will not be provided for the entrants.  It is strongly recommended that participants provide pre-recorded material in a MP3 format on a USB key.  No other audio playback means will be provided.  To avoid confusion, it is highly recommended to clearly identify the file (title of the entry) and to make sure it plays well before handing it over at the registration table.

The maximum of participants per entry is limited to twelve (12).

There is a LIMIT of 80 entry slots for the Masquerade.




Competition Categories


Re-creation:  any costume whose design is copied from an Anime movie, video, television series, art, comics, theatrical presentation, book illustration, sculpture or other medium.  Re-creation costumes require documentation of source, including at least one good view of the design. Additional references as well as construction notes are highly recommended and should be provided in a paper format, as both Workmanship and Presentation judges may need access to it during deliberations.


Original: Any costumes whose design is not readily available in a visual format.  This includes any designs of original characters, or designs inspired by fantasy, science-fiction, mythology, etc.  Mash-ups of universes (e.g. Pretty Guardians Sailor Avengers) as well as interpretations of written descriptions also falls under this category.  Construction notes in paper format are highly recommended for the Workmanship and Presentation judges.

Standard Division system:


The Science-Fiction and Fantasy masquerade will be using a 3-classes system, in fairness to any participant that may be less experienced or new to the costume competition scene. A participant may compete in any division that s/he is eligible to enter. However, if the participant receives an award in this higher division, they must compete in that division (or higher) in future competitions.

Here are some terms to consider when determining which division to enter:

  • Professional: Anyone who makes 50% or more of their income in a costume-related business.
  • Major Award: Any award such as Best ___ or Most ___. It does not include awards for Workmanship, Judges’ Choice, Honorable Mentions, Honored for Excellence, and awards won in the Junior Division.

The Standard Division System, in accordance with the International Costumers’ Guild Guidelines, will be used as follows:

  • Junior Division (also known as the Young Fan Division)
    Any competitor under 13 years of age at the time of competition may compete in the Junior Division. The Junior Division is divided into two subdivisions:

    • Junior Self-made: A Junior contestant who has largely or wholly constructed his/her own costume.
    • Junior Adult-Made: A Junior contestant whose costume has been largely or wholly constructed by an adult. In this case, the adult who made the costume MUST be present during judging.

  • Novice Division
    A competitor who has won fewer than three (3) major awards in the Novice division of an international-level masquerade. Purchased costumes, professionals, and winners of Best in Show, Best in Class: Novice, or any award from a higher division from an international-level masquerade may not enter this division.
  • Journeyman Division
    A competitor who has won fewer than three (3) major awards in the Journeyman division of an international-level masquerade. Purchased costumes, professionals, and winners of Best in Show, Best in Class: Journeyman, or any award from the Artisan or Master divisions from an international-level masquerade may not enter this division.
  • Master Division
    Any competitor, with the exception of those with purchased, commissioned, or rented costumes, may enter this division

Due to the entry cap, purchased, commissioned or rented costumes will not be permitted to enter the masquerade.

Masquerade Rules:

  1. ALL contestants must be registered attending members of CC-38. This includes both makers and models.

  1. No open flame, fire, flash powder or flash paper is allowed. Sealed electronic flashes are permitted. If you are using a strobe effect, please note it on your form so the MC may warn the audience. No pointing of laser pens at the audience or tech crew.

  1. No messy substances on stage. If in doubt, ask the Masquerade Director. If you are leaving something on stage, it must be able to be easily picked up by the stage crew, or bring your own ninja to clear the stage.

  1. No flagrant nudity will be permitted. The Masquerade is rated PG-13. There may be children in the audience.

  1. The weapons policy of the convention must be followed at all times. Any weapons that do not conform to the convention weapons policy but are approved for use on stage must be transported to and from the Masquerade in a bag or closed container. All weapons must be sheathed before leaving the stage. If your costume requires a bow, it must be unstrung when you are not on stage.

  1. Each person may present only once during the Masquerade. While any individual may enter as many costumes as they like, they can only wear one of them. The other costumes must be on other bodies.

  1. Competitors must report to the Masquerade Green Room on time. Failure to appear or to be ready to go on stage may result in disqualification. While competitors may be subject to circumstances beyond their control, the Masquerade Directors have final arbitration.

  1. The Masquerade Directors reserve the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience or other contestants, or for any other reason deemed sufficient.  Costumes presented may not be obscene or offensive, including the insensitive or unnecessary

use of makeup, nor endorse any form of hatred or hate group, or face immediate disqualification.

  1. The Judges may choose not to give out any awards in any category or division, including the Best-in-Show Award, if they do not feel any costumes entered in that division are deserving of an award. The decisions of the Judges are final.

For more information, please contact the Masquerade Director at